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Called Meth, Ice, Crystal, Crank, or Tina on the street. this illegal drug is a toxic, addictive stimulant that affects many areas of the central nervous system. The Meth user feels more alert, active and has more stamina. At the same time hunger and the need for sleep decrease.

Users report increased feelings of self-esteem, confidence, and sexual pleasure. This increases the likelihood of high-risk sexual behavior due to the lowered inhibition and libido boost. Methamphetamine use is associated with serious health consequences, including memory loss, aggression, violence, psychotic behavior, cardiac and neurological damage.

Extremely addictive, Meth causes changes in the way the brain works. What begins as pleasure enhancing quest with Crystal Meth very often becomes a manic obsession. The manic high is followed by a crushing depression, which leads to a craving for relief through the use of more Meth. This cycle becomes more vicious as addicts need to use more and more meth in attempts to reach the same high.

Methamphetamine addicts can go days without sleeping or eating. Prolonged lack of sleep often leads to hallucinations which can lead to a psychotic state very similar to paranoid schizophrenia. With no nourishment the body uses it's own mass to feed itslf. Fat is burned first, and when it is gone muscle is burned for energy.

YouTube video of the actual effects of Meth over time.

Meth is sometimes used with Club Drugs

Meth is a drug used to