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Drug Addiction

Is freedom possible?

Treatment or rehab can help people with drug and alcohol problems live healthy lives again.

Stages of change take place before a person seeks treatment.

Counseling can help a person with substance abuse to progress from considering a change, to deciding and preparing to make a change. Taking action by seeking appropriate treatment happens after a period of contemplation, preparation and often after failed attempts at sobriety and abstinence.

Self-medication is the use of alohol and other drugs in an attempt at relieving problems such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and emotional pain.

Can we prevent drug addiction?  

There is now research-based information available on what parents and communities can do to help children and youth stay safe.
Prevention Works!

Counseling/consultation can help parents prevent alcohol and drug problems in their families. A good way to start is to talk to your kids about alcohol. Alcohol, Parents and Kids

There is a wealth of information on legal and illegal drugs, what they are and what they can do to our bodies and minds. 
Is alcohol a drug? What is alcoholism?

Can a person become addicted to Marijuana?
Marijuana abuse and addiction.

Important information about:


Club Drugs and Date Rape Drugs

Prescription Drugs